Michael Gray is a specialist industrial designer and artist, capable of bringing flair and attention to detail to your idea or project. Whether you’re looking for someone to help bridge that creative design ‘gap’ between your idea and the commercial reality of a product, or a unique illustration or artwork, Michael has the experience, skill and passion to give you the result that you need.


Michael has had over 10 years industrial design experience and has worked with some of Australia’s leading design consultancies, as well as various companies in the consumer-product and automotive sector.

Design Concept Specialized MR Roadster

Industrial Design Automotive Concept HSV R2

Design Proposal Bolwell Nagari Interior

Design Product Bluetooth Speaker


If you’re an enthusiast looking for a unique drawing of your pride and joy, Michael can create an original artwork which captures the style and spirit of your beloved vehicle. These original drawings are created using a blend of marker, pencil and pastel, and are available in various sizes. Click to view theĀ Price list

Car Artwork Ford F150 Custom Micks Speed Shop

Car Artwork TUF 253 V8 Ford Escort

Car Artwork 40 Series Landcruiser.jpg

To arrange for creation of a custom artwork, please send an email to michaelgray.design@gmail.com or send a message to michaelgray_design via Instagram.

Illustration + Graphic

Need to promote your brand or event? Michael can provide graphic design and illustration that captures the spirit of your brand and speaks the language of your audience.

Design Brochure GM Holden Commodore

Design Graphic Sakura Picnic Japanese Car Show

Design Graphic T Shirt Classic Japan Car Show

Design Graphic T Shirt Classic Japan Car Show 2

Design Graphic HO Phase Autos

Contact Michael to arrange a design consultation.




Email: michaelgray.design@gmail.com

Phone: 0439 640 894

Or send a message on Instagram to michaelgray_design