Mercedes Benz S800 concept

The S800 is a design study for a luxury VIP high-speed saloon. Its long hood, upright wrap-around wind shield, and gently sloped tail give it the appearance of ability to glide effortlessly.

Exterior surface treatment is inspired by various classic luxury and performance oriented Mercedes-Benz cars.


Bolwell Ikara concept

The Bolwell Ikara concept takes a look at the design premise of a simple, lightweight driver-focused vehicle, which can usefully re-purpose mechanical systems from existing production cars. This design philosophy was evident in the original Ikara; of which a small number were manufactured in the 1970’s and made use of a VW Golf powertrain, mid-mounted for neutral front/rear weight distribution. This new version is designed to run a mid-mounted Subaru flat-4 engine with the Sube transaxle at the back.