Next Gen HSV sedan?

Considering that a local Australian RWD Commodore will no longer be available to use as base vehicle for future HSV models, the Aussie performance vehicle company will be looking elsewhere for appropriate base vehicles. This concept visualizes the Cadillac CTS as a base, to the goal of a locally customized and tuned mid-size HSV-branded RWD V8 sedan.


Supercar Eyewear

Automotive inspired eye-wear concepts; designed for OsKorp.

These concepts put a different perspective on sporting eye-wear design, taking inspiration from the visual design languages of various well-renowned sports and super car models.

Bolwell Ikara concept

The Bolwell Ikara concept takes a look at the design premise of a simple, lightweight driver-focused vehicle, which can usefully re-purpose mechanical systems from existing production cars. This design philosophy was evident in the original Ikara; of which a small number were manufactured in the 1970’s and made use of a VW Golf powertrain, mid-mounted for neutral front/rear weight distribution. This new version is designed to run a mid-mounted Subaru flat-4 engine with the Sube transaxle at the back.

Mazda XCM Concept

Mazda XCM challenges the conventional cross-country mountain-bike. Control geometry is based upon a typical 29 inch cross-country bike, but with a unique design which eliminates high maintenance items such as external gears and hydraulic suspension dampeners.
* Eggbeater pedals used in CAD model are the work of Brian Martina (GrabCAD), while the Hayes Disc brake calipers used are the work of ‘SG’ (GrabCAD).